Fragile one minute

makes me frail for a minute
is still in my hands
courage not to go
gives me reason to be impulsive
to believe that love is still in pain
if I don't say anyone can't understand it
lost you and how lonely I am
is still willing
pays everything just for a good dream
Someone in the dream really loves me, accompanies me happily and silently
The more pain is tolerated without reason, the more mature it is.
can give you a better hug
no one is going to go
should be a kind of extravagant demand
but I just want to hold your hand
I'd rather wait than Miss
when you smile at me
is still willing
did his best to just for one later
Even if life is not tender, even if happiness refutes it again and again
Believe that the scars are just thinking
can make you one of me
producer:Yoga Lin
production assistant:Zhang Jieru
recorder:Chen Wenjun, Ye Yuxuan
Studio:White Gold recording studio
mixer:Simon Li @ nOiz
OP:Terence Lam Production & Co. (Warner / Chappell Music, HK Ltd.)
SP:Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan Ltd.
OP:Universal Ms Publ Ltd Taiwan