So Much Unseen

作词 :SCP Foundation
There is a world of beauty and wonder that you can never see
Outside this room
There is a place with infinite potential for you to grow and explore
But you can never see
It was too late
From the moment you were born
There were things born alongside that can never be met or even known
Some nights, you can nearly make it there
Almost becoming real
It stretches before you as a colossal plane of what there can be
Then you wake up
And the only thing stretched before you is the bedsheets
But it's alright
Even if there's so much out there that you cannot see
What's been done was enough
There's never going to be enough time to see everything
But be happy with what you have
So what if you didn't see the world?
There were family, friends, and an experience that's unique to you
That's what each of us have
What you took away from this whole uncaring thing
Even with everything you never saw
There's something that this amazing unknown will never see
Your experience
You finished what you had to do
Now, rest