Live wears water.

:the word "hot"
arranger:Na Wu Ke fever
a pen and a piece of paper.
plus a CD
Oversize (oversize) coat
is wearing a plate cap.
you said, who didn't start like this?
is he not?
, he's just telling stories different from you.
tells different stories from you.
2005 he left on a green train.
from Urumqi along the track
came all the way to Shanghai.
in basketball and music.
is constantly wandering around the world.
as a blue blonde album.
in front of him is destined for his future.
's family environment forced him to become independent.
's mother's death made him mentally confused.
is rap, let him pick up his pen and be his confidant.
brings joy and sorrow to the heart.
is carved on paper to cure his own soul.
from that day he became so crazy.
whether sleep or in class?
listens to "Sing for the moment" (song name).
amplifying volume
is influenced by EM (rappers).
begins rap.
but he's just imitating others.
how to do it?
he never gave up giving up.
2009 he left Shanghai.
came to north two.
in the top ten singers competition
sing the song of EM (RAP singer).
stands at the champion arena.
he stayed up all night that night.
talked to himself.
is more committed to his beliefs.
so he kept his father in hiding.
bought a set of recording equipment with tuition fees.
has no choice but to sail against the current.
does not advance or retreat.
stands at a new height with originality.
is hard to adjust.
always backfires.
but he has a clear conscience.
he continued to perform together with his brothers.
co rapper (rapper)
appeared one after another.
this culture has become the focus.
's foreigner called him LIL-EM (little Eminem).
see how brilliant he is.
has run two rap special occasions.
an album as a souvenir.
What 's Hip-Hop (what is rap culture?)
give me an accurate answer.
give me an accurate answer.
Keep it real (keep it real?)
Real talk?
Tell the truth (tell what is truth?)
Attitude (or just an attitude)
now I ask you in reverse.
Who is the fake (who is fake)
Just tell me who (tell me who it is).
You fake (is it you?)
Now you tell me who "s fake" (tell me who is fake).
he knows what to do.
how to do it?
he never gave up.
gave up giving up.
LIL-EM right here (Bernard Okrzej is standing here).
's new rap in China
Tell everybody my story (tell my story to everyone)
who said no fault on this road?
who hasn't gone through a detour?
but I'm glad it is.
, I found myself.
LIL-EM is back (the real Na Ke fever is coming back)
You ready (are you ready)?
when I use life on stage
plays rap full of power.
I once again entered a higher realm.
, I have experienced my beliefs.
to welcome tomorrow.
, I started my own journey.
used words to record the prelude to the story.
I never care about you judging me.
's fast overtaking will win again.
So king is never die (the real king will never fall).
this is doomed to we gotta fight (we have high spirits).
Shout out my brother DK (salute my partner DK)
Pick up the mic (with my microphone)
DSP (brand) OHO (brand)
SIX CITY (combination)
All my west side homies (salutes all my brothers from the West)
Now it 's the time (time has arrived)
do you really think I came for the championship?
Peace (peace)
music director:Liu Zhou
sampling Songs:"Lose Yourself"
original singing:Eminem
original song:Bass, Jeffrey/Resto, Luis/Mathers, Marshall B
sampling song lyrics copyright agent:Kobalt Music Publishing Asia Limited