Loneliness and what it creates

Lyrics :Tang Yingfeng
Drunk more than horses
There is also a chill at dusk
The joy of being together
I am sitting in obesity
have never been passionate
Not willing, but Bodhi
Climbing is not allowed
Broken people 呐
Take your heart to the twilight
greedy aging, imitation verse
never really lost
In the morning, not more than breath
And guns and belly
Adolescents on the shore
order because of words
Fresh people
It’s never been erotic
Not so sweet, so Bodhi
Climbing is not allowed
The people of the abyss
swallowing bullets and tides
continually leaving and dying again
In the shadow of the world
Tenderly and quietly
breathtaking for the four seasons in front of me
I don't understand freedom, then self-proclaimed
Nature has no purpose
Time given
never flow but specific
Like all the loneliness
There is never a deep meaning
You thought I was you.
No one is himself
The search will eventually lose
The love is ultimately doubtful