Editing and mixing:Qi Xiuyuan
Cover:Xin Qinghao
hillside sheep soft white
You are folding a paper crane and sending it to a distant passenger.
drying, quilt, soft, windy
I sit and watch the stream, passing by, noisy old waterwheel
flip the pages of the pleats, early summer, sultry
Singing when you are depressed or writing this novel
Write down the mountains.
The rain in the wet season flows into the river
You and me in the story are hard to separate
There are several dewdrops in the morning sun.
Writing a scar will always heal
Write a reunion, experience twists and turns
I am your reader, happy and devout.
You said that I like the shirt of my shirt.
There are countless straight lines.
Madness, youth needs to put down the rules
Let's let go, squander, drift, waste, no more.
Write an emotion, emotions, joys and sorrows
Loss and gain will be profound
You and me in the story, crying and laughing
The autumn leaves fall when the leaves fall. When the beautiful dream wakes up
Can't finish the sky, the clear clouds
Written in wrinkles, fine gullies
I am your reader, sincere and silent.