Passing through Nanjing, passing you

Lyrics:Jiang Yanan
Arrangement:Jiang Weinan
Guitar:Su Shanbing
Recording:Jiang Weinan
Remix:Jiang Yannan
One o'clock in the morning, strolling in Nanjing City
The street light in front is a bit strange.
It’s raining under the sky, gently staining whose face
Who is supporting you in the rain?
I miss a person, so I walk aimlessly.
Maybe the cold will be numb, some of my touch
Are you okay now, have you kept your hair?
Is love going smoothly? Is the wedding coming soon?
I really want to write a song to accompany you, even if I leave one day.
Unfortunately, you don't know that I am loving you.
I want to forget your eyes because I have decided to give up
Be your passerby, it’s my pleasure.
The rain doesn’t stop, I’ve been walking and watching.
arrived at the street we walked together.
I don't dare to look around because I am afraid I can’t walk.
I want to hold an umbrella for you, accompany you in the rain.
I miss a person, so I have to wander and wander.
It’s not Nanjing, it’s empty, it’s my heart.
I know you don't care
I know that I will only evade
I wrote this song to accompany you, even though I left one day.
Even if you don't know that I am loving you
I thought about the scene of your wedding. It must be beautiful to put on a wedding dress.
It is my pleasure to write songs and bless you.
I am writing this song to accompany you, I am not afraid that I will leave one day.
No matter where I go, everyone knows that I love you.
I passed Nanjing
also passed you