Lonely patient

Lyrics :Osamu
Laughter, cheers
The atmosphere is very cold, but the heart is very cold.
The spotlight is kind of grace
I can't call for a wait.
I really admire me, I can still be humorous.
I lost my tears when I lost my tears. I was afraid that people would see through it.
Don't talk about loneliness, we are all happy.
I don't sing a love song
does not mean that there is no heartbreaking moment
I didn't spread the wounds and slaughtered.
My inner frustration
Like a lonely patient, self-pull
Extroverted lonely patients
The louder the laughter, the more cruel
Small body temperature, colder at room temperature
If you turn off the lights, you are irritating.
I can't wait for a wait.
You said that you love me, but always said
I said that I shouldn’t be in the corner, planning to escape, this is also wrong.
Even my fragile rights are plundering
I don't sing a love song.
doesn't mean no heartbreaking moments
I didn’t spread the wounds and let the killing
My inner setbacks
Like a lonely patient self-pull
Extroverted lonely patients, why not?
I don't want to scream love songs
to remind me that I need your moment
Surface stabilization is not a protective color, but you need to know
I don't know why
Like a lonely patient, self-pull
Extroverted lonely patient needs recognition