Love song king

Love you not because of your beauty.
I love you more and more.
Every eye touches my heart
I love you the most.
Otherhow how do you let me
other, how can I go through the fire?
What do you say?
If this is love
When you turn around, you should stay brave.
Even if you hurt, you will cry.
is gentle irrigation in life
I want to become a fairy tale
The angel you love
open hands
turned into wings to protect you
You have to believe
I believe we will be like a fairy tale
Flying to more happy places
Love, love you, only let you have love.
I am relieved
I am willing to serve you, I am willing to serve you.
I am willing to forget my name for you.
As long as you really take love and respond to me
I am willing to do anything for you.
I really want to think about it.
I really want to be with you.
I will marry you tomorrow.
I want to (finally) marry you tomorrow.
If you didn't ask me
If you didn't persuade me
If it is not appropriate, you make me feel
You need your love every day.
My mind is guessed by you.
i love you
I just want you to make me wonderful every day.
It’s always minutes
It’s wonderful
Whoever thinks passion, it will never decrease
In short, a few years
Emotional wins the rational side
baby baby baby baby baby baby
Is it necessary to lose it when I have it?
The more I give you
You want to hide
Love has been unable to answer all the questions
It’s silly to leave you, right or wrong.
It is weak to see through
The result is love is hate or what
The person who loves you the most is me.
How do you feel sorry for me?
paid so much to you
You have not been touched.
Love me, don't go
If you say that you don't love me
Don't hear you really say it.
Give me a little more gentleness.
Please ask me a little more time.
A little more greetings
Don't take everything away
Please give me a little more space.
A little more gentle
Don't make me so uncomfortable
It turned out that you didn't want anything.
I don't want your promise
Don't you forever
As long as you really love me again
Even if it is vanity, greedy is good.
I am most afraid of your silence, as a reward for me.
It turns out that you don't want anything.
You said you want to escape
is destined to settle
The love is gone, love is extinguished.
Do you want to leave hollow?
Injury, leave, though in front of you
Say goodbye, goodbye will not be too far away.
If you have a chance, you can look forward to tomorrow.
You and I reunited in the splendid season
I kissed you in the street without people.
Let the wind laugh, I can't refuse
I kiss you with me on a frantic night
My heart is waiting to meet the sadness
Can you let me go with you?
Since you said that you can't keep you
The road to go back is a bit dark.
Worried to let you go alone
This way you are conquered and cut off all retreats.
My mood is strong, my decision is confused
The voice of crying in the sea sighs who is hurt again.
Like the taste of the body
I miss your kiss
and the fingers have a light taste of tobacco
The taste of being loved in memory
I miss the words without saying anything.
I miss the dream together.
I miss the quarrel
I still want to love you.
I remember the birthday of that year.
Also remember that song
Remember the starry sky
The tightest right hand
The warmest chest
How painful I understand
You used to be my whole
I only want you to break the shackles of love
The bondage of love is chasing free
Don't suffer for love again
It’s your fault in your eyes.
I always hide the love and pity.
It’s your fault, your infatuation dream.
Like a spell
Who I loved you can still be stupid
Our love
If you pass, you will not come back.
until now
I still wait silently
Our love
I understand
has become your burden
just forever
I can't open it.
The last warmth
You drunk me, you make me cry
I have lost all my sins and I am desperate to save.
You drunk me, you made me broken, I can’t get it back.
oh tears............
Tears are my experience
The taste of growth
oh tears............
Resist the tears and let you see
I am changing
The feeling of being alone...
You never found
I still have tears in my smile...
I’m afraid that I will fall in love with you.
Don’t dare to rely too close
I'm afraid I can't give you anything.
It takes a lot of courage to love you.
You are so hard to forget
Floating in my heart
How much courage to change yourself?
How to calm down the mood
You are always too soft and too soft
I have all the problems myself
Love is always too easy to get along with.
Don't be reluctant if you are not yours.
forever love forever love
I just want to use my life to love you.
From now on,
You will be all
Reasons for happiness
forever love
forever love
forever love